We all learn in our own particular way, and if we’re taught the way we naturally learn the best, we learn at our maximum potential.

Our purpose is to improve the quality of education by identifying and satisfying the diverse learning needs of each student and each group of students.

Classroomate is a multi-platform software that recognizes the way students learn (cognitive styles) and then gives teachers the most effective teaching strategies based on their students’ learning needs.

Results show that students’ academic performance can improve up to 20% when using the customized teaching strategies recommended by Classroomate, and because students that feel their learning needs satisfied are attentive, motivated and receptive students, the use of these recommended teaching strategies have shown a 10% raise in attendance and a 40% drop on bullying and other disruptive behavior.

Classroomate creates a quiet and helpful classroom environment that makes teaching easy and fun, and it can be used from any device: smartphones, tablets and computers.

Our team of education professionals gives support to teachers and administrative staff members for a successful implementation.

We don’t do magic, our software is based on a model that identifies learning and teaching, which has been validated by several scientific research publications by the following universities:

How do we get it done?


answer a simple questionnaire to identify their learning profiles (how they learn).

Step 1
Step 2


answer a simple questionnaire to identify their teaching profiles (how they teach).

We Give

teachers appropriate teaching strategies and activities for each group of students and for each student, according to their learning needs. Classroomate is very intuitive, but we still give support to teachers for a successful implementation of the teaching strategies.

Step 3
Step 4

We Measure

the evolution of the results (academic, classroom climate,etc.) to create each establishment's own statistics, according to their reality.

We Improve

the artificial intelligence that identifies the profiles and generates the pertinent teaching strategies, based on each establishment’s own statistics, to offer a service that’s each time more customised and effective.

Step 5